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Why should you use video for your B2B communication strategy ?

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In 2022, video will be used by companies. It is an innovative tool that facilitates your interaction with your partnerships, customers, and collaborators.

Video enables you to disseminate information that you want to share in an entertaining, attractive and engaging way. What’s more, video is a good way to increase your B2B communication strategy. If we look at a study by Content Marketing Institute, 69% of marketers use video in the B2B field(1). Another reason to opt for video !

In this article, we will explain all of its advantages.

Video : An innovative tool for your B2B communication

Video is both an entertaining and useful tool. It offers a bunch of benefits for companies.

Here’s a list of its advantages :

#1 : Video is a marketing tool that boost up their sales

Have you ever wanted to buy a product after having watched a commercial on your tv screen or by using an advertising video on the Internet ?

We advise you to use video to promote your product. It is an efficient tool to increase the selling of your product. In fact, according to a study from Wyzowl in 2022, 88% of people are convinced to buy a product or a service by watching a video belonging to the brand of a company(2).

#2 : Video is the tool that you must have to attract new leads

Video is an original tool, because it enables you to obtain new leads !

For your company, attracting new customers is primordial. They participate in the increase of your company.

What’s more, video simplifies external communication. You can easily share a video on social media. It is by sharing videos that you will encourage people to become your new customers. In fact, if you look at a study from Wyzowl in 2022, 86% of marketers confirmed that the use of video in their communication strategy enabled them to increase their rate of leads(3).

#3 : Enhance your ROI thanks to video

The enhancement of your ROI is important for your company. Video format in a company is a very attractive tool to relay important information.

Your video will have more chances to be viewed by your public, rather than an email, and so to generate more views of your video on search engines.

#4 : Make communication easier with your partnerships

Video enables to your business partnerships to understand more effectively the goal, the functionalities, and the price of your product. For instance, according to Topovideo, video increases 74% of the understanding of a product or service(4). Another reason to use video for your business.

How to use video for your B2B strategy ?

1. Company introduction video

This type of video enables you to increase the notoriety of your company. Give your client a preview of your work environment. It is a good method to spread a good image of your company. If you don’t know how to record your video, why don’t you try to get inspired by this one below ?

Example of a company introduction video by Publidecor

2. Promotional video of a product

Have you ever wanted to put forward your product in a simple and attractive way ? We advise you to use the promotional video. Not only it enables you to sell your new product, but also to inform your customers, and your new leads about your new product.

Example of a promotional video of a product by AWA

3. Video interviewing customers : Obtaining the testimonial of your leads

Interviewing your customers will enable your customers to trust your company, and to collaborate with you.

To give you an idea, here’s an example of a video.

Example of a video interviewing customers by Marco Vasco

If you want to know more about the types of video to use in your company’s communication, we invite you to read our previous article here

To conclude, video is a tool efficient for your B2B communication strategy.

It enables you to obtain new leads, to enhance your ROI, to increase your sales, and to make your communication with your business partnerships easier !

And you, what type of video do you use for your B2B communication strategy ?

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