Create an online video training platform

Host all of your elearning and video tutorials on an online platform available for your learners.
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Create online video elearning


Host your videos online

Store, manage and host your videos into a secure video library.
An unlimited storage space is available to host all of your training videos.
You can add files to your video (pdf, image, etc…) to provide other resources to your learners.

Hosting elearning video
Create eleaning video platform

E-learning video

Quickly create a video platform

Once your training videos are hosted, you can create a personalized video platform without having specific technical knowledge.
Your videos can be classified by topics thanks to a system of categories and playlists.


Invite your learners

Your learning platform is totally private and only accessible to the users of your choice. You can invite your learners from the back office. Each learner will receive an email that will direct them to the creation of their user account. Once the account is created, the learner will be able to access video training.
However, users have access to the entirety of your videos, but you have the possibility to restrict the access to certain contents.

Login page of your training platform
Access management in the training platform


Screen the access to certain contents

You have a total control over the management, because you can choose which learner is able to have access to your content and categories. However, users have access to the entirety of videos and categories.


Track each viewer

A complete dashboard enables you to track the statistics of your videos (number of views, engagement, videos the most viewed) and to precisely analyze the use of the video platform by each learner.

Analysis per viewer
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