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Embed videos on your website

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Video requires more storage space than text or photo content. Using an online video hosting platform allows companies to maintain a high level of quality when sharing with their audience and not impact the loading speed of their own websites. Unlike YouTube, Videas does not display ads. Video integration is also more flexible: you can easily customize the video player to match your website design. The responsive video player adapts perfectly to all screen sizes.

How to put a video on your website


1. Upload your videos

Select on your desktop the videos you want to put on your website and drag them into the video library.


2. Customize your video player

Modify the appearance of your player: logo, colors, thumbnail and choose the controls to show/hide.


3. Get the embed code

Copy the generated embed code to the right area on your site and enjoy your video.

Embedding video

Embed responsive and optimized videos on your site

Once you've uploaded a video to Videas, you're ready to embed it! Choose your integration options and we'll generate the code for you. With Videas, your video integrations will load quickly and integrate seamlessly with your website's design.

Embed responsive and optimized videos on your site
Control access to your videos

Safety first

Control access to your videos

Our privacy options allow you to protect access with a password, set an expiration date and control who has seen your video. You can also list the domains on which your video can be embedded.


Update the video, not the link

Replace or customize any video without replacing the embed code or losing your statistics. Make changes to your video without constraint.

Versioning video

Our player in action

The below video clearly shows the quality of our Videas player. Experience the fast startup time and quality for yourself. Just click play.
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Videas Reviews
What our customers say about us
I was looking for a solution for the creation of a VOD site (hosting, sale and rental of my videos). Videas seriously met all my expectations by creating, advising me and offering me, exactly what I was looking for. In addition to the quality of their service, the thoroughness, availability and responsiveness of Videas is, in my opinion, exemplary. If I am particularly satisfied, it is important to mention that the feedback from the users of my VOD site powered by Videas is also very good.
Guillaume D. - Youtuber
Videas is the ideal platform to store our videos and broadcast a personalized channel. We joined Videas after we lost our YouTube channel (where all our content was deleted). After that, we wanted to have a platform to distribute and secure our video content. For an online newspaper like ours, Videas is versatile, allowing us to embed our videos in our articles and to have our public channel videos.francesoir.fr hosted by Videas. We stream up to 10 video contents every week.
Thierry G. - France Soir
Videas allows us to make our tutorial videos available to our customers while respecting our security charter since 2019. We are sincerely delighted with our collaboration and would like to thank you for your professionalism: your solution is of high quality, your team is responsive and attentive, and the results amply meet our expectations. We hope to be able to work with you for a long time to come, because you contribute to our success.
Christophe G. - Safran
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We know that managing and delivering video can quickly become complicated. That's why we've made sure you have everything you need to get the job done. Consider Videas as the control center for hosting and streaming your videos on the Internet. With unlimited, private and secure hosting, you have everything you need to succeed. Contact us at any time, our team is at your service!