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Why do you have to create a Web TV for your company ?

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Image by Safia Azzi

Over the years, Web TV has become the latest communication tool !

In fact, it is a television channel which gathers videos that you want to broadcast. Its originality ? Your audience doesn't visualize them on a television set, but on the internet !

Many are the companies that use it. The Corporate Web TV is beneficial because it enables you to broadcast and share your videos on a professional video platform, only with your collaborators.

In this article, we shed light about how it works.

The Corporate Web TV : A video platform for your company

You want to pass on information on your own tv channel.

Are you looking for a tool which would enable you to further develop internal communication for your company ?

What you really need is a Corporate Web TV : it’s like a YouTube totally private and in line with your brand’s image !

Assets of a corporate video platform

1. Improving internal communication of your company

Among the different teams of your company, communication will be efficient because no distance will be created between them.

In order to make your collaborators participate in your Corporate Web TV, you can both interview them to get to know their feelings within your company and broadcast these videos on your TV channel.

Corporate Web TV is entertaining because it gathers your collaborators thanks to your video content. They can react to your videos and interact with their colleagues by adding comments.

It is an easy way to create an affinity with your private community.

You will certainly be interested by our article focused on the internal Web TV for your collaborators here

2. Broadcasting your videos in a collaborative and private way

Your in-house videos will be only accessible by your collaborators.

To reinforce the confidentiality of your Corporate Web TV, the broadcasting and sharing of your videos will be secured by an authentication system connected to your AD.

3. An easy and fast way to pass on information

The visualization of an informative video on your TV channel has more chances to remain in an employee’s memory. In fact, your collaborators can’t memorize all of the information listed in a mail.

On a Corporate Web TV, your messages are animated as a video format.

It encourages a higher level of memorization and your message will be more pleasant to remember. Their reruns are available for all users of your professional video platform.

How to create your corporate video platform ?

Before creating his masterpieces, Picasso had to create sketches.

As well as your Corporate Web TV, its creation first must go through a concise draft.

Elaborating your creative project for your Corporate Web TV

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Image by Safia Azzi

The establishment of a guideline is necessary for the creation of your Corporate Web TV. In other words, you have to schedule a communication strategy to define the visual identity and the goals of your TV channel.

Here’s the strategies that we recommend you :

Colors, font styles and the theme of the Corporate Web TV

We suggest you to keep the graphic charter of your company, so that your audience will not lose their bearings.

Colors and the logo of the video player

Watching in-house videos on an original video player allows your collaborators to stay focused on the video.

This is why, Videas gives you the opportunity to customize the logo of your video player compatible with the brand of your company.

A touch of creativity will be highly appreciated by your collaborators !

The target of your in-house videos

It is important to choose the target of your videos to adapt the types of messages that you want to broadcast on a professional video platform.

For your Corporate Web TV, your target has to be your collaborators.

The goal of your in-house videos

The following question will enable you to set up the goal of your video : what message would you like to transmit through your videos ?

The frequency of the broadcasting of your videos

It is fundamental to create a schedule publication for your in-house videos, so that your audience will be prompted to regularly visit your Corporate Web TV.

Don’t hesitate to post announcements on your Corporate Web TV, so that your collaborators will be informed about the publication of your videos.

Analyzing the evolution of your Corporate Web TV and your videos

We recommend you to frequently analyze the performance of your Corporate Web TV and of your videos (number of views, number of engagements, number of impressions etc…). You can do it thanks to our dashboard.

This analysis will enable you to understand if you have to improve your videos and your Corporate Web TV, so that they positively affect your audience.

Production and content of your in-house videos

In order for your Corporate Web TV to be appealing, your in-house videos must be thought out beforehand.

You need to think about the budget of your videos, the material that you will use to make these videos, the persons who will produce the videos and the type of in-house videos that you want to publish on your Corporate Web TV.

Why is it better to create your Web TV with Videas ?

We give you the possibility to take control over the hosting and the broadcasting of your videos on a video platform totally private and entertaining.

1. Secured videos and shares

Your Corporate Web TV has a back office in which you can host your in-house videos.

When it comes to the broadcasting and the sharing of your videos, you can easily add it to your Web TV.

2. A total control over the broadcasting

Videas takes care of all the traffic that is passing through your video platform, so that an unlimited number of users can access and watch your videos in high availability.

3. The Web TV is responsive

Your audience will be able to visualize your in-house videos on mobile phones, on a computer or on a tablet. Very useful especially for your nomadic employees.

4. A Web TV that is in line with your brand’s company

We create for you a TV channel totally personalized and in line with the graphic charter of your company for a 100% corporate outcome.

The URL of your Corporate Web TV is customizable, that is to say that you can change it with the domain name of your choice.

The video player is attractive and efficient, because the logo is in line with your corporate brand and no ads interfere with the viewing of your in-house videos.

Example of a Web TV created with Videas
Example of a Web TV created with Videas

You have understood it, creating a Web TV for your company will embellish your internal communication and the broadcasting of your messages will be both entertaining and appreciated by your collaborators.

Videas accompany you in the creation of your Corporate Web TV.

April 7, 2022 by Safia Azzi
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