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Internal communication : create a Web TV for your collaborators !

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You want to improve the internal communication for your company thanks to the use of video. Have you thought about a Web TV ?

Consider the corporate Web TV as your online TV channel. You can host, broadcast and share your in-house videos with your collaborators.

It’s like your private space where you can disseminate quick information and especially in an engaging way !

Are you interested ? In this article, discover the usefulness of this new communication tool.

A corporate Web TV : the solution to improve the internal communication of your company

A corporate Web TV rhyme with internal communication. Why ? Because it is private, that is to say only dedicated to an exchange between a limited audience and a company, in this case your collaborators.

A “private and collaborative YouTube”

Collaboration is at the heart of a Web TV. Thanks to the broadcast and the sharing of your videos on your tv channel, information will be entertaining and conversational.

1. An interactive exchange with your collaborators

Interacting and reacting : here’s the two words that qualify the Web TV. It encourages the exchange between your collaborators on your collaborative video platform.

You can provide different types of content : news video, video teasers to announce events within your company, interviews with your employees or even onboarding videos to integrate your new recruits on your private platform. Your collaborators can react and interact with your videos thanks to your comments, as we offer it on our private platform. By diversifying the type of videos, your collaborators will have a bunch of conversations to start, while creating an entertaining interaction.

2. Strengthen teamwork cohesion around video

By watching your videos, your employees will be able to improve teamwork. It is by promoting internal communication that employees will enjoy communicating more easily between each other and thus improve teamwork.

3. Enhance the individual capabilities of your employees by choosing an Enterprise Video Platform (EVP)

A Web TV enables you to better the individual abilities of employees. In fact, each of your collaborators can individually participate in your TV channel. To give you an example, each user can submit videos to the administrator of the Web TV, a feature available on Videas platform.

Thus, your collaborators will be delighted to create some video content for your private video platform. It is by enabling them to participate in the creation of videos for your TV channel that your collaborators will feel special. They will have the courage and motivation to boost up their individual performance.

4. A corporate Web TV enables the broadcast your in-house videos

This corporate video platform is both private and collaborative, because your audience will be limited.

The access to your videos is only for your collaborators. Therefore, you will have the possibility to share your videos with your employees in a private space, without worrying about external users who will be able to download or save your videos without your approval.

How does a web TV work ?

Videas offer you a variety of functionalities for your collaborative video platform.

Your Web TV collaborative thanks to Videas

We offer several customization options, so that your collaborators can collaborate in all security and efficiency. It goes without saying that an attractive Web TV will be much more appreciated by the employees of a company.

1. A video player in white label

Having a Web TV for your company is great, but being able to match it with your brand is even better !

In short, compared to public video platforms like YouTube, we suggest you add your corporate logo brand to your HTML5 video player. And above all, a distribution without any ads.

2. Videos watchable on all kinds of media devices

Your users will be able to view your Web TV on a mobile phone, computer or tablet. Ideal for your collaborators on the move or remote.

3. The domain name of your Web TV is customizable

Nothing is more simple than opting for a customizable domain name for your company, so that your collaborators can easily find your Web TV.

You have the possibility to put your video website with the domain name of your choice.

4. A graphic charter 100% corporate

It is important to create your graphic charter, so that your collaborators will not feel lost on your Web TV. We advise you to keep the same graphic charter for your company.

To make it easier for you, Videas personalize your video platform, according to your needs.

5. Enhanced protection for broadcasting

We know that the protection of your video is important. To reassure you, here are the security features available on our private platform.

  • Web TV will only be accessible for your collaborators. We can connect Videas to your SSO system if you have one.

  • The video player contains no cookies or ads. Your collaborators will be able to collaborate in complete tranquility.

  • Moreover, Videas hosts all of your data exclusively in France under the authority of French law.

  • A video library (DAM) is available to securely store all your videos in a private space. You have the possibility to host, to index, to classify and create playlists for your in-house videos. Possibility to have several administrators managing the video content.

Example of a Web TV created with Videas
Example of a Web TV created with Videas

A Web TV is the ideal internal communication tool for your employees, because your in-house videos will be both secure and entertaining.

Videas seems to be the solution to create your collaborative TV channel that fits your company’s brand.

To get to know the steps for creating your Web TV, just check this out here

May 6, 2022 by Safia Azzi
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