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Which online hosting video platform for your company’s in-house videos ?

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Internal communication is important when it comes to a company. It enables you to strengthen teamwork, in order to increase your company’s performance. Therefore, it is a must to elaborate an internal communication strategy.

Nowadays, units from a company create videos (HR, internal/external communication, commercial team…). It becomes essential to pool all your digital assets.

If you opt for messages transfer thanks to online videos, it is better to host and broadcast them on an online professional platform, which unlike public platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo or Dailymotion, enables a secure and private management of your content.

Let us give you our advice, so that you may choose the best platform to host your in-house videos.

Hosting your company's videos : public or private platform ?

You wish to gather all your in-house videos on a video platform, in order to broadcast them with your associates ?

You have two options : a public platform like YouTube or a private platform like Videas.

Why should companies no longer host their in-house videos on public platforms ?

Many companies host and broadcast their in-house videos on public platforms. Unfortunately, these platforms are not ideal for them.

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Here’s a list of its disadvantages :

1. A very large catalog of videos

On a public platform, anyone can host and broadcast video content. Let’s take the example of YouTube. You can find tutorials, beauty videos, television programs reruns, or even video clips.

Your in-house videos will be mixed with content video that isn’t in accordance with your company. Thus, your associates will be encouraged to watch other videos rather than the ones from your company.

2. Unsecured access to your videos

You have just created in-house videos and they are only for your associates.

It is important to know that on a public platform :

  • Anyone can watch your content video.
  • Your videos will never remain secured nor confidential, because some malicious users could download and save them in order to broadcast them on other platforms.

3. A limited customization

The disadvantage with public platforms is that you can’t modify the video player or your channel. For instance, you can’t add your brand’s logo. Moreover, you can’t change the theme nor the colors of your channel or video player.

This can be an obstacle to host or broadcast your in-house videos, because it is better that your associates watch your videos on a channel that uses the graphic charter of your company.

4. Advertisements while watching your video

We all know that ads are annoying while you are watching a video. After a while, we don’t want to watch it anymore.

It goes without saying for your associates. They will no longer be focused on the video and they will be annoyed by the appearance of advertisements on the video player.

The benefits of a private platform to host your in-house videos

Your in-house videos are only for your associates. On a private platform, your audience will be restricted. This is the reason why we have striven to include a multitude of functionalities on our private online video platform.

Let us give you a list of the advantages about our platform :

1. Hosting and managing your videos

In your company, your teams are spread into several units. In order to reinforce the teamwork of your associates, we give you the possibility to easily pool your in-house videos.

Each of your teams has a storage space and they can have access to the video space of their colleagues and vice versa depending on the rights you will set up.

Your associates can store their videos online, in an ergonomic and accessible video library. It can also enable your teams to not lose the videos, thanks to a simplified system of searching, to create files and to personalize their playlists.

Screenshot of Videas' video library
Screenshot of Videas' video library

2. Personalizing the appearance

We give you the opportunity to customize the appearance. For instance, you can include the graphic charter of your company.

The advantage of Videas is that the video player can be customizable with your company’s brand. If you want, it is possible to add some call-to-actions at the end of your videos to bring some interactivity.

Your audience will be delighted to watch your in-house videos, because the video player doesn't include any advertisements !

3. Managing the broadcasting of your videos

The visualization of your videos require to be broadcasted with high quality. To embed them, we use the multi-bitrate HD encoding system. Your viewers will be able to watch them in the best quality possible.

Furthermore, your audience can watch your videos on any media type (phone, computer, tablet) and videos will start quickly because we use the HLS Adaptive Streaming system, in order to adapt your videos to your viewers.

When it comes to managing the access to your videos, you are free to choose an administrator on your channel. The person will be in charge of keeping an eye on every account and content videos of your associates.

To strengthen the security of your videos, the addition of a password is also available. Your associates will be the only one to have access to your in-house videos.

4. Sharing your videos in a secure way

In order to avoid sharing your videos on cloud-based online platforms, Videas suggests that you share them easily. It will facilitate the work of your associates, because they won’t have to download the videos.

You can add a password on the sharing link. By clicking on this link, your associates will be redirected to a web page, giving them safe access to the video.

5. Our in-house Web TV : a “private YouTube” for your company

We recommend you to gather all your content video into one and only video platform in line with your brand’s image. An in-house Web TV to reinforce the commitment of your associates and to give them information permanently.

Here’s the list of its advantages :

  • Dedicated to your associates : it enables you to reinforce your internal communication and better their feeling of belonging within your company.

  • In-house videos are protected by an authentication system. In other words, your associates will be the only ones to have access to this platform.

  • To bring your personal touch, we set up a personalized video platform according to your wishes and in accordance with your graphic charter.

  • The URL can be edited. Your Web TV is accessible on the domain name of your choice.

  • In-house videos of your company can be classified online by themes on your channel (creation of folders, subfolders, playlists, etc…).

Screenshot of a Web TV created by Videas
Example of a Web TV created by Videas

In order to boost the internal communication of your company, there is nothing such as choosing a private platform entirely dedicated to a playful exchange between your company and your associates. Your in-house videos will be both confidential and secure.

Thanks to Videas, your creativity will be put under the spotlight !

April 1, 2022 by Safia Azzi
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