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Where to host your videos : which online hosting video platform to choose ?

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Image by Safia Azzi

Do you regularly create content videos ? You wish to share them online, but you just don’t know where to host your videos ?

An online hosting video platform is the solution that you need. Hosting videos online not only allows you to save your videos, but also to broadcast and share them in a high resolution with your viewers. We automatically think of YouTube to embed a video on our website or to share a link to our video, but if your content is aimed at a limited audience, it will be better to opt for a private online video hosting website.

In this article, we take a look at how an online video hosting solution like Videas works.

The benefits of an online hosting video platform

You created several hours of videos and you want to share them online in a private space ? YouTube seems to be the first solution that comes to your mind. However, it is a public online video hosting platform, which is even described as a social media. The disadvantage ? The videos are likely to be seen by thousands of people, those that you want to share with your clients, your associates or other persons !

Private online video hosting platforms have several benefits :

1. A secure storage page for your videos

When a video is online, it is automatically stored on cloud computing. To make it simple, it is the storage space in which your computer data is saved. You don’t have to worry about it, because cloud computing stores them in a secure place.

2. Total control over the broadcasting of your videos

Watching a video rhymes with comfortability. This is the reason why your videos will be viewed by your audience with the best quality. When adding your videos on the platform, automatic encoding offers the best quality to your viewers, no matter which kind of viewing support they use (cell phone, tablet), and their network connection. Moreover, unlike public video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion, you do not have to worry about reporting or deleting your videos related to the respect of music rights or other things. You can also manage precisely who will have access to your content, thanks to advanced privacy options.

3. Your shared videos are secured by a password

Whether you are a Coach, a Trainer, a Communication Officer, or a person who wants to share their videos with your beloved ones, you have the ability to control access to your videos. Indeed, online video hosting solutions allow you to improve the privacy of your content video. For instance, you can add a password on your videos that you share with your recipients. Generating a private link is a simple and effective way for your recipient to watch your video, without having to download it.

4. A customizable video player

Who hasn’t wanted to customize their video player ? You can offer to your audience a viewing context that is totally in line with your brand. You can change :

  • The color and the appearance.

  • The resolution.

  • The launching of your video (automatic or manual).

  • Showing or adding certain buttons.

  • The embedding of your player on your website.

  • The customization of the logo to your brand.

  • Adding advanced options (subtitles, chapters etc…).

Why is it better to choose Videas as a video hosting solution ?

Screenshot introducing Videas’ video library
Screenshot introducing Videas’ video library by Safia Azzi

1. Hosting your videos in Europe

For several users, it is essential to know where your videos are exactly hosted, especially in terms of security and monitoring of your data. Unlike other online video hosting platforms, we host the entirety of your data in Europe. You have permanent access to your videos, which are hosted in Europe under the authority of French laws. Furthermore, Videas do not use any third-party service and all the features are developed by ourselves.

2. A respectful video player : no advertisements and no cookies

Many are those who watched videos online and were annoyed by the presence of advertisements.

With Videas, they do not exist ! We estimate that they are disadvantageous to the good viewing of a video.

Cookies are also banned from our platform. They are not the ones that you really enjoy eating for your snack break, but computer text files. Your personal data is collected then saved in those files and on computers. To give you an example, when you are watching a video, a message appears on your screen asking for your consent to collect your personal data. Likewise for advertisements, we think that cookies don’t deserve to stay in our platform.

But that is not all ! Videas also enable you to customize your video player. Thus, you have the possibility to customize it by modifying the colors or by adding your logo and by adding some call-to-action buttons, that is to say some options once your videos are finished to engage your viewers.

For an optimal viewing :

  • Your videos are broadcasted with a high resolution. HLS Adaptive Streaming technology offers an optimal playback comfort : the video player starts up faster and adapts itself to your audience.

  • An unlimited bandwidth is available to collect all the data traffic generated on your videos.

  • You have the ability to add chapters, in order to facilitate the playback of your long videos.

  • Do you have some clients who do not speak French ? No worries ! You can add subtitles on your videos.

3. A simple use thanks to our video library

You certainly asked yourself the following question : A video library ? Is that a library ? Instead of tidying your books, a video library enables you to tidy and classify your videos online.

To get to know more about the features of a video library, we advise you to read our article

Our video library offers many features :

  • You can add an unlimited number of videos.

  • To simplify the indexing, you can classify your videos inside of files.

  • You can’t find a video ? The search bar of our video library will allow you to do so !

Choosing our online platform is :

  • Finding your videos easily thanks to our video library.

  • Playlists and video players are entirely customizable with a high resolution and above all, they are adapted to your tastes !

  • Storing your videos in a secured and private place (you are the only one able to access your videos).

  • Advertisements and cookies do not appear on your videos.

March 21, 2022 by Safia Azzi
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