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Why should you select a professional video hosting ?

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Video has become the most used media support for many professionals. Unfortunately, many of them automatically look towards public hosting video platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

However, these free platforms are controlled by heavy restrictions on the rights of the published content, monetization, videos report (censorship), brand strategy…

By deciding to host your company’s videos (no matter the size, little or big, independent), you can overcome these problems and secure your content.

To begin with, let’s come back to the concept of video hosting.

What is online video hosting ?

Video hosting is a service for storing and sharing online video content.

It refers to the downloading and storage of videos online, in order to broadcast them more easily and efficiently over the internet.

The advantage is that a company can distribute videos to its audience by sending a totally private link or by including a player video on its web sites or other means of communication.

For some companies who want to maintain full control over their content, public video platforms don’t meet their needs : few personalization and security options, limited customer support, and untimely advertisements…

Moreover, these platforms withdraw certain rights to the broadcasters. YouTube, for instance, has the right to do what it wants with your videos as soon as you upload them on its platform, which a lot of users are unaware of.

For these reasons, many companies choose to host and share their videos via a totally private and secure service that respects their copyrights.

What are the main characteristics of a private video hosting platform ?

The video platform caters for the majority of the needs related to your video projects. From hosting to broadcasting, have a look at the features that you can find.

A simplified management of video content

The management of content video consists in organizing and managing your videos in the most efficient way possible. This content is stored in a video library like a drive that is designed for easy access to your content.

Hosting all of your video files in one central space makes it easy to store and organize the distribution of your videos over different broadcast channels.

The creation of categories and subcategories enables you to gather all your videos in one theme and an indexed system allows you to easily find your contents.

Encoding and transcoding

It is essential that you are not limited in terms of video file types that you can download and share. That is the reason why flexible video encoding and transcoding abilities are an important base for private hosting solutions.

Video transcoding is the process of converting a file from a format to another. It is for the purpose of making your video compatible with all broadcasting media (mobile, tablet, computer), no matter the internet connection of your viewers.

Video safety and privacy

Video content is very precious for companies. Therefore, it makes sense that their private video hosting solution requires advanced security and privacy features.

Companies have to make sure that their content is perfect and that it won’t be viewed by malicious viewers. In other words, it means managing the persons who can have access to your videos.

For more information on the advantages of a private video hosting platform, we advise you to check out our article : What is an Enterprise video platform (EVP) and its benefits?

Distribution to various devices

Nowadays, viewers use a great variety of devices. A private video hosting platform may broadcast flows on a mobile phone, tablets and so on. It is not only thanks to the use of an HTML5 video player, H.264, but also all main codecs and adaptive streaming which guarantee to users an excellent streaming experience, even though a bad network or a reduced processing power of the device.

Support for live streaming and VOD broadcasting

Live streaming and video on demand VOD are two of the most popular types of streaming in 2021. Both of them are interesting and serve different purposes.

HTML5 video player customization

A private video platform is equipped a white label video player. You can customize each element of your video player : Use your own colors, your logo and your thumbnail, add or remove the playback bar, and display/hide the buttons.

Quickly creating a Web TV

Some hosting platforms allow you to create with just a few clicks a video broadcasting platform such as a Web TV for internal or external use, with or without authentication access.

This channel is customisable to your brand image and can be used for a variety of purposes.

There are different types of content that you can create : training, workshops, internal events, interviews of employees… Many companies are producing more content, but don’t necessarily have attractive platforms on which to publish their content. The creation of a Web TV is the solution. For sport or training training (or coaches), a channel enables them to give access to online videos, and if they want to monetize their video through a subscription.

Opting for a private video host compared to a public platform is suitable for professionals who wish to use video for their strategy of communication. When it comes to hosting, the platform that you choose can make all the difference.

It can be quite complicated to choose the best platform for your broadcasting needs, when there are so many different options available on the web hosting services market. We recommend you to enjoy discovery offers to explore the features on different platforms.

If you don’t know where to start, you can freely create an account with Videas, in order to host and share your online videos. If you need advice, do not hesitate to contact our teams.

February 25, 2022 by Videas
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