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Digital asset management (DAM) : a solution for managing your media

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Nowadays, companies are creating a lot of content. It is becoming difficult to organize, manage, store, host, distribute, and share media online.

DAM (Digital asset management) is an ideal digital organization and management solution for your marketing teams or communications teams.

In this article, we will explain the usefulness of this effective management tool.

What is a DAM ?

A DAM is a digital system which enables you to store, centralize, and share a whole range of contents, such as documents, videos, audio files and many more.

This invention has been around for over 30 years. In fact, according to the website of Canada’s government, the first DAM appeared in 1992 thanks to the Canto Cumulus (1) software.

The goal of the Digital asset management platform is to allow companies to efficiently manage all their assets, namely their multimedia content, while storing them in a private and collaborative storage space.

The DAM platform is strongly used by companies, in this case marketing teams and communications teams.

What are the benefits of Digital Asset Management ?

Choosing a digital asset management is awesome, but do you really know the integrality of its advantages ?

1. Store

You have the possibility to store digital resources such as multimedia files. We suggest you store them in our video library both secure and collaborative. You are free to store a large number of files.

2. Searching and indexing

In order to classify your files more easily, an indexation system through passwords is available on a DAM platform. In fact, when you upload a file in the DAM, this system enables you to find a file easier and efficiently.

3. Centralize

Centralizing your digital assets allows you to gather all of your multimedia files in the same place. For instance, this can be useful if you want to combine audio files, and visual files or documents for the presentation of a group project.

Furthermore, centralization of digital files is a good tool to gather your employees on a project. Thus, they will be able to collaborate together and strengthen the cohesion of teamwork.

4. Organize

You have a large amount of digital files and you are tired of losing them. You manage several projects at the same time and you are looking for a solution.

With a digital asset manager, you have the possibility to organize your work as you wish.

5. Share

  • You will no longer have to use a transfer service such as Wetransfer.

  • You have the possibility to share your internal and external files with your users.

  • No limitation of sharing.

6. A private and collaborative space

  • A customizable management of rights and access. The admin has the possibility to choose the persons who have access to content etc…

  • A hosting of your secure multimedia files, for instance Videas host your videos in France under the authority of French laws. Hence, a backup system is implemented to guarantee the availability of your files.

  • Collaborators can communicate between each other through the sharing of your multimedia files.

What type of media can you put into a digital asset management ?

This ergonomic interface lets you have a vast choice for the hosting of your files. You are not restricted in terms of media.

Here’s are some examples :

  • Videos : interviews, internal videos, webinars, videos presentation, onboarding videos, videos for the company's social medias etc…

  • Images : photos, infographics, illustrations.

  • Audio files : music, podcasts, vocal recordings, interviews, etc…

A platform DAM like Videas is an ideal solution for companies who manage a large number of digital resources.

Hence, collaboration seems to be at the heart of this IT system, a bonus point to bettering internal communication with your collaborators.

If you want to know more about DAM, don’t hesitate to read our article entirely dedicated on the benefits of a DAM

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June 1, 2022 by Safia Azzi
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