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Developing my online sports business through video

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The last two years have been difficult. The effects have certainly been felt by your sport activity, hobbies, well-being, fitness and you.

If your incomes come from services such as :

  • Individual workshops

  • Yoga class or fitness group

  • Gym memberships (or sport club)

  • A mix of the previous things listed above

You are certainly looking for means to make your income more stable and safer. In fact, even though restrictions will be soon uplifted, your activity won’t completely get back to normal. While fitness rooms are still closed to this day, according to a study from Statista, the online fitness market has been growing amazingly 22% of its sales since the pandemic. Private individuals have benefited from the lockdown and the closing of fitness rooms to monitor their health.

Focusing on the establishment of a video platform to put forward your online activity turns out to be a good investment. Moreover, with the apparition of new platforms such as Videas, which helps you to easily create your online course video site, the market should continue to grow.

A rapid transformation of fitness industry

Covid-19 forced owners of the fitness industries to easily adapt and transform their activity to put it exclusively online.

According to Forbes :

73% of fitness consumers use pre-recorded online videos to train themselves, 85% of fitness consumers at least participate in one live workout per week.

The offering of online activities is extensive : whether it is yoga courses, Zumba, muscle strengthening, fitness, cardio workout, CrossFit, every course has known a real success.

We can think that this is simply an opportunity taken by amateurs and professionals, but the answers of the general public suggests that the choice of online courses to overcome this exceptional situation could be entertaining.

Why do you need an online video platform ?

Fitness companies that opted for creating their yoga offers online (or other sporting activities) are placed in such an excellent rank to succeed once the first wave of COVID-19 arrived.

Why ?

Because they already had an online platform that generated incomes. No matter what is going on in the world, it is still remaining as a source of income.

Fitness companies having an online presence don’t have to make an effort to create a source of income, in case of disaster. They can simply guide the customers to their online service !

Several customers of all shapes and sizes have developed their online activity :

  • Yoga teachers

  • Fitness rooms (sport clubs)

  • Personal trainers (sports coach)

  • Dance teachers

And your fitness company could and should be the next one.

You probably think that you have missed out on a great opportunity and that it is too late to start, but it isn’t. Your company and your customers need it. An online presence is no longer a good thing to have, it is a need.

Start to create videos, make them as attractive as possible and gather them into our online platform. Create a video channel in just a few moments (such as Netflix) to share your videos with your clients.

Make certain contents available and offer exclusive content with a subscription.

With a solution such as Videas, every feature is included : Video hosts of your videos, creation of your broadcasting channel and payment system.

Yesterday was the best moment to start, whereas the next best moment is now !

March 7, 2022 by Videas
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